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experimentthe magic of new ingredients as it begins tochange the world!

One day after the other, for 21 days, you will receive fabulous recipes and guidance from our nutritionist.

Animation: courtesy of the Latvian NGO “Dzīvnieku brīvība” (Animal Freedom)

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why join Challenge21Days?


More and more governments and leading scientific institutions are recommending that people drastically reduce their consumption of animal products to prevent the climate change crisis and possible food shortages with the rapidly growing world population.

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Science has also proven that mostly vegan diets can be very healthy and prevent many of the chronic diseases that plague our society, such as obesity, some types of cancer, heart problems, and diabetes.


Currently, some 70 billion animals (excluding fish) per year are slaughtered for human consumption. Many of them live miserable lives on factory farms and suffer immensely from inhumane practices. Taking them off our plate is an act of love.

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