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Thank you very much for participating in this 21 Days Veg Challenge!

These days will be full of news where you will discover new and rich flavors. A plant-based diet is much tastier, more practical and more nutritious than many believe.

Today we are going to give you an overview of how you can adapt your dishes to different daily meals. We invite you to know ourveg guide, there we have different categories and more than 200 delicious recipes based on vegetables.The Veg Guide will be your best friend during these 21 Days!

Cow's milk is easy to replace with vegetable versions that you can make at home  or buy at the market. In thislinkyou can see many varieties and choose one to try this week. Although they do not contain the same nutrients, we will soon teach you how to have a diet rich in calcium with only vegetables.

You can find different brands of vegetable margarine in the supermarket.Check the available brands here.

Other options are jams or the classic peanut butter, both very easy to find plant-based products. You can also try your toasts with many options of vegetable pates that we have in ourveg guide.

Lunch and dinner
A classic and easy lunch is pasta. Most of the noodles do not contain anything animal and you can confirm in their ingredients that they do not contain eggs. For the sauce, lookthese options.

A tasty way to get the meat out is to replace it with a vegan burger, ideally legumes, due to its protein load. ohLook heremultiple options and choose your favorite! You can also choose other dishes with legumes, as you will seehere.

Remember to always accompany your dishes with a good portion of raw and cooked vegetables! It is good to start slowly and without paying too much. You will have many days to learn and choose what you like best.

Here we leave you four recipes rich in protein and 100% vegetables!

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