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The subject of our mail today is very sad, but necessary.Today more than 70 billion animals are killed every year around the world to serve as food for humans.This huge industry became a source of cruelty and suffering.

In livestock, it is common for animals to be branded with hot irons, which causes them a lot of pain, in addition,young animals are often castrated without any type of anesthesia.

In industrial milk production, calves are separated from their mothers after birth and are fed formulas.Since their mothers' milk is sold to humans, cows and calves undoubtedly suffer from this separation.

Generally, calves males are considered uselessbecause they are not fit to produce meat and that is why they are slaughtered immediately after they are born.

The chickensfor meat they are genetically selected to grow so fast that in just 42 days they can go to the slaughterhouse. This absurdly accelerated growth has serious consequences:their legs often break because they cannot bear the weight of their bodies and since they cannot move they die of hunger or thirst.It is also common for them to die of heart problems because their hearts are not big enough for their bodies.

In egg and pig production, animals are confined to tiny cages and live practically their entire lives without being able to move. Also,both pigs and chickens suffer painful mutilations to prevent them from attacking each other in this stressful and overcrowded situation.

All animals, including egg-producing chickens and milk-producing cows, are sent to slaughter in commercial systems.Many have to face long journeys in extreme temperatures and can die slow and cruel deaths.

Have no doubt that leaving animals off your plate is one of the most beautiful and compassionate acts we can adopt.. check hereour guidewith substitutes for cheeses, meats, eggs and milk.

If you want to know more about this topic, we invite you to watch the


A piece of advice: consulting a nutritionist will always be a great idea to help you with this change.

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