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We're halfway through the Challenge, and we still have a lot of amazing information to share with you.Don't forget to challenge a friend to also participate inone of these Facebook publication.

Yesterday we talked about vegan celebrities and that's why we need to clarify something:One of the myths about vegetable diets is that not everyone can do them because they are more expensive than traditional food., but this is not true and we will explain why.



The main nutrients in a plant-based diet can be obtained from legumes, grains and seeds, plus fruits and vegetables in season.All these products can be found in markets or free fairs in your city at very affordable prices.


It is true that there are more expensive industrialized substitutes, but none of them is necessary for a balanced diet.  If you are concerned about the price of your food, prefer the unprocessed options.


Moreover, in a study carried out in Brazil with more than nine thousand participants, carried out by 'The Good Food Institute', it was revealed thatThe majority of vegetarians NO are from the upper classes and that changing their diets could even lower their food costs.

Cook easy, rich and cheap with these 100% veg recipes:

And do not forget:If you're still unable to adopt a 100% plant-based diet, don't give up. Each of us has his rhythm. The important thing is to keep trying!

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