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You've reached day 13 of the challenge! Today is the day to talk about a sensitive topic.

When we decide to leave behind the consumption of products of animal origin as an ethical option or por salud,many times we are ridiculed and criticized by our environment, family and friends.

This is a very common situation that we must face with tact and kindness, sincemost of these people are unaware of the ethical reasons and the positive consequences of eliminating animal products from our diet. So we can open a space to clear up doubts, have a coffee or a mate together and talk calmly.

Another great option is to treat them to an animal-free meal and impress them with new flavors.The idea is to offer delicious meals, have a dialogue of respect and understanding, and perhaps encourage them to explore the vegan universe. You can challenge friends and family to participate in the Challenge by sending them this linkwww.desafio21diasveg.comby WhatsApp, email, Facebook or Instagram.

Here we share these innovative and very tasty recipes from kitchens from other countries that can be perfect to impress your family or friends.

And remember: Inour Facebook group, you will be able to make friends and talk a lot about it. Having friends in this process is very important!

Arabic dishes:

Mexican dishes

Asian Dishes:

Tomorrow we meet again!

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