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Do you think that having a plant-based diet becomes more difficult when you eat out?If so, today we will teach you that with creativity and choosing the right places, there will be no difficulty.

Obviously the best option are vegan and vegetarian restaurants.Check our complete list here.

When you have no option to visit a veg restaurant,one of the best options for eating healthy away from home is to opt for self-service or buffet-style restaurants, where you can find a wide variety of veg foods. Remember to assemble your plate as follows: half of salads and vegetables, a quarter with carbohydrates (rice or potatoes) and a quarter with a good source of protein such as legumes.

Other good options arethe arabic restaurants, where you will find veg dishes such as salads, hummus, babaganoush and falafel. The places ofJapanese foodThey also have veg dishes like soups, cucumber salads and mushrooms. If you ask, it is possible that they prepare sushi with mushrooms, vegetables or fruits.Always remember to ask before ordering a dish to be sure.

TheChinese restaurantsthey usually have great alternatives with rice, vegetables, and tofu. And inlocal mexicanyou can order dishes like fajitas, burritos, and refried beans. Just ask to replace cheese or cream with extra guacamole, and meat with vegetables or beans.

If you visit aThai or Indian restaurant, be sure to try their exotic cuisine, they usually have incredible dishes with only vegetable ingredients.

Another important fact is to always have a sandwich in your bag or backpack, so as not to be in trouble. Take fruit or nuts with you, your health will thank you for choosing healthy snacks.

We take this opportunity to invite you to meet the restaurants that are supporting our challenge. Check them out below.

A hug!

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