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You've already been in the 21 Days Veg Challenge for 15 days! A big round of applause for you!

Today we are going to talk about an important topic: the craving to eat meat.It is possible that at some point we have an impulse to eat a product of animal origin again.

We need to stop for a bitunderstand what our body really asks forWell, as in other situations, when something strikes us it is that our body is crying out for some component.So it's not the meat itself, actually, our body asks for nutrients.

We already learned that nutrients likeProtein is found in products of vegetable origin and that we have infinite possibilities of very tasty preparationto calm any craving with enough protein that our body needs.

If we are constantly hungry, we may need to consume more calories to feel full energy throughout the day.

Are we still craving meat? A hot dog, a steak? Well, we found vegan substitutes. All this growing world movement is enriched by alternatives of excellent quality and very tasty.We already find vegetable meats in many supermarkets in the canned, natural or frozen products section. The vegan diet will soon be a common diet globally.

Here I share a list ofvegan products by country.

And below we have very rich recipes for vegetable meats:

Also remember that consulting a nutritionist is an excellent idea to plan your diet, without cravings or hunger!Meet our nutritionist guide below:

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