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Today we will talk about theVitamin B12, a nutrient that helps maintain proper functioning of neurons and red blood cells and also contributes to the production of DNA.

B12 is produced by bacteria. Formerly the animals ate grass and obtained it from there, however today the soils are intervened and a large part of the animals are raised in closed spaces, that is why they are also supplemented.Yet many people who eat meat are deficient in B12 as it is lost in cooking due to exposure to heat and contact with water.

B12 supplementation IS FUNDAMENTAL in vegetarian and vegan diets,For this reason, read carefully the tips below on how to supplement it:

  • It is recommended to take at least 10 mcg per day or at least 2000 mcg per week.This may seem like a lot of vitamin B12 compared to the recommended daily intake of 1.5 mcg. However, these recommendations are safe and will help ensure that you are getting enough.

  • Take a vitamin B12 supplement andNO de complex B or multivitaminto ensure that you are getting enough of this particular vitamin.

  • Store the supplement in a dark place protected from excessive heat.If you consume powdered B12, do not add it to hot dishes as the vitamin is inactivated.

  • Avoid consuming the supplement at the same times that you consume foods rich invitamin C (citrus, peppers, tomato, broccoli, kiwi, etc.) as it can inactivate vitamin B12.

  • If you take medication, consult your doctor if it has any interaction with B12.

  • Do not trust! There are no reliable plant sources of Vitamin B12.For example, spirulina does not contain active B12, so it is useless for our body.

  • Do not wait for the symptoms to supplement yourself,B12 deficiency can manifest after years as anemia, loss of balance or tingling in the extremities.

  • To ensure sufficient levels of B12 in any type of diet, the best alternative is to know our current state with a specific blood test, and with the advice of a nutritionist.

Here you can find a list of brands of supplements ofB12 vitaminand below we list delicious recipes ofvegan desserts, ice creams, breads and doughs.


Tomorrow we meet again!

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