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ohAlmost! Today is the 20th!Remember that you can still participate in our raffles for veg products and other gifts atour Facebook Group.

Today we are going to talk about eggs.It is very common not to know of alternatives to replace egg protein at breakfast or its use in the kitchen, but we will help you solve this dilemma.

Knowing more about these options is an urgent matter because there is a very cruel reality behind this product: the suffering of chickens raised in cages for the egg industry.More than 90% of the hens used in industrial egg production in Latin America spend their entire lives confined to so-called battery cages.In them, the birds cannot even walk or open their wings fully.

In addition, in any production system, animals are subjected to very cruel practices, such as the crushing of chicks and the cutting of beaks.In this video recorded by the Chilean singer Javiera Mena you can learn about

Eggs are said to provide high-quality protein, but as we learned this week, we can also get it from plant foods, which are healthier.For example, an egg provides a similar amount of calories and protein as a palm-sized piece of tofu.

On the other hand, the egg is one of the foods with the highest concentration of cholesterol and also contains choline,which in excessive amounts can mean a greater risk of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), about 142,000 illnesses each year are caused by the consumption of Salmonella-contaminated eggs.

Can we substitute the gastronomic properties of the egg in our diet? Of course!How about you dare to try these recipes?

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