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Alright, you're now 3 days into the Veg Challenge!

Today is the day to learn a daily task:Put together a healthy and balanced plate of food.

It is essential that you learn to recognize the nutrients in food so that you can choose what you eat and the right amounts to get everything you need.Check out the basic rules below!

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  • Half of the plate with vegetables:Vegetables, whether raw or cooked (and possibly both!) should be half of your plate of food. The way of preparation provides different nutrients, for example, cooked spinach provides us with calcium.

  • A quarter of the plate with carbohydrates:They are your main source of energy and should be a quarter of the plate (rice, potatoes, sweet potato, corn, noodles). Try to choose whole grains (rice or noodles) that provide more nutrients and a greater feeling of satiety.

  • A quarter of the plate with legumes:Dried legumes - such as lentils, beans and chickpeas - are a great source of vegetable protein and should cover the other quarter of your plate, in whatever form you prefer, remember that soybeans and their derivatives such as tofu count, too.  

  • Vitamin C:Add a source of this vitamin to increase iron absorption. It can be natural lemon, orange juice, peppers, broccoli or a dessert fruit.

  • Olive or flaxseed oil:Try to choose these fats that improve the bioavailability and offer of omega 3 as long as they are not cooked. If you prefer, you can add nuts that have gone through heat.

Check out these recipes that will help you cover a portion of your plate with the corresponding nutrients and all the necessary flavor!

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