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Now, let's go to the topic of the day: veganism is winning more and more followers, even among celebrities! This movement is gaining strength every day and this is how hundreds of public figures in the world have decided to adopt a 100% plant-based diet.. Meet some of them below:

  1. Venus and Serena Williams:Professional tennis players and Olympic champions. Venus adopted a plant-based diet for health and her sister joined her.

  2. James Cameron:The director of Avatar, Titanic and Terminator has been a vegan for six years and presented the documentary "The Game Changers" that shows how a vegan diet improves physical performance.

  3. Bill Clinton:The former US president gave up animal products after undergoing heart bypass surgery and encourages everyone to follow in his footsteps.

  4. Hector Buitrago:Colombian musician, composer and activist. Member of the Aterciopelados band and vegan for more than 14 years, for animals and their health.

  5. Liz Solari:Argentine model and actress. She practices meditation which helped her to have more compassion for animals and today she is a vegan and an activist.

  6. Mon Laferte:Chilean singer, vegan for years for animals and the environment. His favorite animal is pigs and it would seem hypocritical to eat them.

  7. Brad Pitt:Press sources say that he has been a vegan for several years. He is also a lover of organic foods.

  8. And we can't leave Moby out, American artist and activist who has been vegan for over 30 years. He is also the founder of Little Pine, a vegan restaurant that benefits organizations that fight for animal rights.

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